Phuthanangs list of objectives are as follows;

  • Prepare leaners with job skills;
  • Keep leaners safe and stimulate them to become creative contributors in the society;
  • Teach them basic communication skills and good social behavior;
  • Make sure that the disabled have and enjoy same human rights and opportunities as others;
  • Help reducing ignorance, non-participation, discrimination in disability issues and to stop stigmatization against people living with disability; and
  • To raise funds for the wellbeing and advancement of the organization.


We had a large number of students since the conception of the Centre in 2007. To this day students are still enrolling in large numbers.

Our project focuses on equipping our learners with necessary skills to enable them to earn a living.

In addition, our aim is to empower them so that they can become independent individuals.

In all our years of operation, we managed to teach hundreds of students flower arrangement, decoration, baking, sewing, bead sewing, carpentry, numeracy and life skills. As a result our sewing program once appeared in Kempton express newspaper. Furthermore our learners were awarded certificates for level 1 knitting.

Our latest project is agriculture wherein students are taught farming. In conclusion our learners are self supporting with home grown vegetables.