Ever since its inception, the Centre has been operating on government premises presenting numerous challenges. A community hall where during event bookings the children are taught under the trees in the hall yard. It becomes difficult in winter or in bad weather. The centre pursed a number of ventures, trying to secure a secured and permanent facility for the students. So far there had been numerous struggles with the municipality. Where the venue lease had expired and the Centre had to move from one venue to another looking for safe and secured premises.


Some good NEWS

TCWO gave us a permanent land with three roomed which is called portion 8 at 1 Kopanong section Tembisa. Ever since we tried to make the best of what we have. Phuthanang still don’t have basic resources like electricity, office resources, workshops for different programs for us to start with our training programs and this slows our progress. We made countless endeavours to get funding and so far we are unsuccessful.

The centre resorted to using containers at our facilities because the place we are using is very small. We sent emails to different container companies asking for their contribution. We have not been successful until now but hoping our request will be taken into consideration.